Best Forster Restaurants – Italian, Seafood, & Grazing Baskets in Forster Tuncurry


If you consider yourself to be a bit of a foodie, then Forster and neighbouring Tuncurry have plenty of gastronomic delights waiting to be explored. From chilled-out cafes serving up freshly roasted brews to authentic Italian food and morning-fresh seafood, there’s something for every tastebud.

If you’re looking for the best Forster restaurants to enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast, hearty lunch, exquisite dinner and everything in between, here are just a handful of the best around.  And with our stunning holiday accommodation, you can takeaway to dine at home or whip up a feast without having to get dressed up to the nines. 

Best Italian restaurants in Forster

Bella Bellissimo 

Since 2003, Frank and Teresa have been offering traditional Italian cuisine from Bella Bellissimo – sharing food and passion with Forster locals and visitors. what they serve is more than what you eat — it’s the conversation you have with Frank; that special Italian wine that isn’t on the menu yet; zucchini flowers that they grow on their farm. This is what makes their food a meal. 

From a young age, Teresa was always interested in what her mother and grandmothers were cooking. One of her earliest childhood memories was of tasting raw meatball because that was how her grandmother tasted for seasoning. Thankfully, she is not doing the same with her grandkids, but it was what sparked her love of food, and how the experience BECAME so much more than just sustenance. 

When Frank and Teresa got married, it was generations of family recipes coming together. Their pizza dough, amongst other recipes, is over 30 years old and is often joked amongst the Nardi family, as only being passed on to outsiders once they are married into the family (actually, no joke). “Our experience of food and family is so important, and we want to share it with everyone.”

Italian food, and especially southern Italian food — which is often regarded as peasant food — is beautiful in its simplicity. it’s all about the fresh, quality ingredients, which is why we only use the best, seasonal ingredients, that we source both locally and from Italy. Frank does a killer job growing some of our produce, and it really can’t get any better than that.

With generations of food, friends and family, Frank’s mother (née Bellissimo) is still remembered as one of the best cooks. That’s why we pay homage to the beautiful woman with our name — Bella Bellissimo.

View the Bella Bellissimo Menu here!


If you have a love for Italian cuisine, then Pezzella’s is an absolute must-visit. Italian food culture is much more than a way to simply satisfy a grumbling stomach – and eating is more than the physical act of satisfying that grumble. To eat in Italy is to celebrate togetherness. It’s a time when strangers become family around a table, good friends share a bottle of wine, stories are told, and hands take centre stage. 

Put simply, to eat in Italy is an occasion, an experience that marries simple yet exquisite tastes with passion, conversation and connection.

The Melanzane that Nonno grew, watered, tended to daily and picked is now a revived Parmigiana sitting at the dinner table. In Italy, food is less about what sits on the grocer shelf and more about what your neighbour is growing this season. It’s about what is flourishing at the local farmers market – or who in the village is slaughtering their pigs next. It is an all-encompassing process from paddock to plate that combines seasonal produce, family recipes passed down from generation to generation and a whole lot of love with every stir of the “pentola“.

From our time in Italy, this is what we fell in love with. And what we strive to replicate at Pezzella’s. A small menu with an array of handmade traditional Italian dishes, with ingredients sourced as locally and organically as possible. Here at Pezzella’s we encourage big meals, great company, laughs, stories all shared over a bottle of wine or Negroni or two. Buon appetito!

View the Pezzella’s Menu here!

Best seafood restaurants in Forster?

No visit to Forster would be complete without sampling the famous local seafood – with oysters taking the top spot! Dig into delicately grilled fish, freshly shucked oysters, prawns, squid and so much more – right on Wallis lake. Not sure where to go? Here are some of the best seafood restaurants in Forster Tuncurry.

Hamiltons Oysters

If you are looking to relax on the deck overlooking Wallis Lake with a cocktail, then Hamilton’s Oyster Bar is the place for you! Hamilton’s Oysters is a locally owned and family run business using fresh produce and more importantly their own harvested oysters – fresh from their farm on Wallis Lake. They offer a relaxed All Day Dining Experience for those long lazy lunches overlooking Wallis Lake in Tuncurry from the overwater deck. 

Graham Barclay Oysters

If you are looking to grab a crisp bottle of Riesling and sit by Wallis Lake and enjoy the sunset then grab some oysters from Graham Barclay Oysters. Graham Barclay Oysters is a household name in the Forster-Tuncurry area and in the world of oysters. Employing about 35 full-time staff members as well as seasonal help, the farm grows some of the best oysters in the country and the world. The owner, Graham Barclay, is a well-known businessman in the Forster-Tuncurry area, owning both Graham Barclay Oysters and Graham Barclay Marine. As for the oysters, they have been named the best in Australia, singled out from over 500 different producers.

Best Coffee spots in Forster Tuncurry?

Looking for a caffeine boost paired with some on-the-go snacks? Forster and Tuncurry have plenty of cafes and places to grab a decent cup of coffee when you’re out and about. Here are some of the best coffee spots to check out.

Tartt & Wingman café. Located right in the heart of the town or up on Forster Main Beach, use Little Street Roasters Coffee. Whether to grab an amazing B&E roll whilst you stroll the boardwalk or to sit down and enjoy some of the tastiest meals in town is up to you. They are both a definite must when you visit. 

Plunge. Located near One Mile Beach Plunge café has a selection of tasty items to grab and go or to dine in and enjoy the relaxed ambience. Amazing coffee and local produce make it an absolute must-visit when you’re in town.

Beachbums. Start the day the Forster way with saltwater, coffee and a sunrise overlooking Forster’s Main Beach & the Pacific Ocean. Their seasonal breakfast and lunch menu includes healthy and gluten-free options & veggie’s from the farm garden – as well as sweet treats and great coffee. Enjoy fabulous ocean views and a friendly atmosphere all year round, 7 days from 5:45 am. Takeaway is also available for most items. 

All Things Yum. Located in the main street of Forster, not only do they have the best coffee & banter they specialise in all things yum that are oh so good for you! They offer vegan, gluten free, dairy free however you would never know, we recommend trying the caramel slice and the rocky road, seriously you will drive back to Forster just for these

Best Grazing Boxes

What could be better than having a tailor-made box loaded with beautiful food and drink perfect for a family picnic, lazy day on the beach or just so you don’t have to cook? If you’re looking for an experience rather than just food, then Sea & Salt Grazing Boxes are exactly what you’re looking for.

Sea & Salt Grazing Boxes.  Sea & Salt are a premium, Pacific Palms based catering company specialising in grazing tables, cheese platters and graze boxes. 

Catering for all your special events including weddings, engagement parties, elopements, proposals, baby showers, birthdays, picnics, weekends away, hens parties, recovery breakfasts, corporate functions and any other reason to celebrate! 

Servicing the Mid North Coast from Seal Rocks and Bungwahl to Tuncurry. Experience more than just a love of food… Sea & Saltis a constant source of inspiration and a medium for pursuing a passion for bringing people together through artistic expression, magical experiences, local community and food crafted with love.

​Nothing brings people together like crowding around a table teeming with visually spectacular and decadent food. Enjoy beautifully designed grazes –  personalised and tailored to the individual or group, ensuring a show-stopping experience and feast for all senses in signature Sea & Salt style.


Your Food, Your Way

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a home-cooked meal without needing to spend hours getting ready to go out. Our wide range of Forster accommodation makes it possible to cook a slap-up meal for you, your family,  your significant other and your friends. Nearby grocery stores are loaded with those all-essential ingredients, along with plenty of options for wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Find a property with state of the art kitchen facilities, fire up the bbq, pour yourself a long one and relax with a meal in the best place of all – home.

Whether you’re staying in one of our multi-million dollar properties, somewhere cosy on the lakeside, or an apartment next to the beach, most have loaded kitchens ready to prepare a sizzling slap-up breakfast, a long and lazy lunch, light bites and filling family dinners.

Forster Main Street (Wharf Street)

Whether you want to cook for yourself or nip out to grab a mouthwatering takeaway, Forsters main street, Wharf Street has everything you need. From fruit and veg to fresh meat, local seafood and traditional takeaways – here are some of the best places to head to.


  • Lobby’s Fresh Seafood – Open from 10 am to 8 pm 7 days a week, Lobby’s Fresh Seafood is the best place in town to grab piping hot fish and chips, calamari, prawn cutlets, seafood baskets and much more – cooked and ready to eat. 
  • Beach St Seafoods – Another fantastic place to grab ready-to-go fish and chips, Beach St Seafoods is the number one place to head for fresh Wallis Lake Oysters, freshly grilled prawns and salmon, salad bowls, deep fried ice-cream and many more delicious treats. 


  • Witts Butchery – located at 44 Wharf St, Forster, NSW, 2428
  • Wharf Street Gourmet Butchery – located in Shop 3/ 24-30 Wharf St, Forster, NSW 2428.

Fruit & Veg

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