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Let’s spend the afternoon eating oysters and drinking cocktails

Breakfast: Start with a sleep in! Why not, you’re on holidays!
Then head to the bakery for a light breakfast! The award winning @forsterbakehouse is in the car park at the back of Forster CBD. Everything is delicious!

Activity: Let’s get out on the ocean and go Dolphin spotting on the @amaroocruises Pre -purchase tickets online, before the day as they are very busy! Maybe even before you leave to come on holidays so you don’t miss out. The boat will leave approximately at 10am and return a couple of hours later. Plenty of opportunity for photos and taking in the sites. Make sure you come back in Winter so you can do the same trip but see all the whales! Maybe you will be lucky enough to see ‘Migaloo’

On the way out the boat travels along the coast a little before heading out to where the dolphin pods love to play, so you can see the magnificent coast line and the beaches. If you are playing along you would have completed the long walk along the coastline to all the look outs…. You will be able to see the entire walk you did!

Lunch / Afternoon Activity / Early Dinner: Let’s spend the afternoon at @thirty_threedegrees @east33sydney (Where Hamilton’s used to be) a brand new dining destination showcasing the uniqueness and provenance of Sydney Rock Oysters. The restaurant over looks the beautiful Wallis Lake! Did you know Wallis Lake produces 20% of the Sydney Rock Oysters in NSW?
This is an experience worth savoring; The service, oysters, atmosphere, menu’s and produce is incredible!

Chef @chefglennthompson
Oysters @East33sydney

Late Night Activity: Ice cream walk! Let’s head back into Forster, head to the ice creamery’s on the main street and choose your favourite flavours!
@thenaturalwaffleicecreampalour & Sinners & Saints Ice-Creamery
Walk to the beach, sit on the sand, listen to the waves and think how magical life truly is!