Holiday Property Management

Why Choose Forster Accommodation Centre to Manage your Holiday Investment property?


Our office is a hive of activity, constantly receiving phone inquiries and emails for holiday bookings. Compare our occupancy rates to other agents and we are confident you will find The Professionals are creating better results.
We have repositioned our entire holiday business rebranding us as the ‘Forster Accommodation Centre’ with our own dedicated holiday website incorporating online
Booking and payment for customers. We recognise we must be more than a real estate of-fering holiday rentals and have positioned ourselves as professional accommodation provid-ers.
Our business is constantly being modified to attract potential holiday clients and therefore achieving maximum bookings for our owners.

Location / access:

As good as it gets! In the centre of Forster’s main street, right on the corner of a busy
arcade and opposite the pedestrian crossing, our office is open 7 days per week with an after hours mobile number for emergencies, making it convenient for holiday makers. We get many ’walk-in’ bookings particularly during the non-peak periods.
We customize our service to meet your needs and we are serious about it. We take the time to set up with you, a management program that satisfies all your requirements, and guarantee to meet these requirements.
Our landlords are not forgotten when they enter into an agreement with us. As per the agreement, we provide ‘ongoing management’ of your property.


We know how important this is and how often agencies disappoint people. We are dedicated to keeping an open line of communication with our landlords at all times and encourage them to contact us at any time they wish to discuss their concerns.

Experience, reputation and influence:

Our team offers extensive local knowledge and years of expertise in the management of holiday and residential houses, units and villas. We are a highly respected and recognised team with an unparalleled network of business and personal contacts throughout our team of long term residents in the area

Client base:

After 30+ years of business in the local area, we have become a well known identity for offering quality holiday accommodation. We have a huge client base established over the years, of people who enjoy holidaying in our properties. These people call us regularly to re-book and invariably have friends who then in turn contact our office for accommodation.


Kleensweep is an independent cleaning business, which has been operating successfully in the area for several years. They have a very large pool of experienced cleaners who have been recruited and trained according to strict guidelines and have a strict quality management and control system in place. Kleensweep endeavour to retain a regular cleaner on each property so they become familiar with every aspect of the property. Specific or unique requirements can also be catered for. In addition we make our own spot-checks and regular condition reports.


Our Holiday Management Team will inspect your property on a regular basis.
Furthermore, as maintenance problems occur the Holiday Management Team will inspect repairs when required and ensure that the repairs have been adequately executed. We are also constantly ‘in the field’ driving-by the properties we manage. This often gives a good indication of how the property is being treated. A full written report will be sent to you once a year informing you of the current condition of your property.


We continually survey our guests on their accommodation experience and this information is used to improve our service and also discuss opportunities for improvement with our owners on individual properties

Systems / accounting:

Our property management software is a leading edge system built on a solid accounting foundation and allows us to assign, manage and solve the issues of a busy property management portfolio, with shared workgroup calendars and tasks, inspections and maintenance, flexible tenant payment options, step-by-step wizards and powerful reporting.
You will receive a statement monthly via email informing you of income to date, any deduc-tions made during that period and incoming tenants. Your rent is deposited into your bank or building society account eliminating any postal delays. You will also receive our very handy monthly newsletter, notices or brief updates we provide via email.
We have EFTPOS facilities for both holiday and permanent rentals and transaction costs are paid by tenants not you our landlords.


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